StudentNess (Students in Business) is an online platform for sharing student thoughts on and analyses of the latest happenings in the business world and global economy. It was created as a business prototype on March 17, 2017 by Narmin Jamalova.
Our present mission is to serve as a publishing cyber-space and provide an opportunity for students to share their written work on a wide range of topics, including business and economics, technological innovations and personal experience stories.
We strive to be one of the most reputable online publishing platforms across the English-speaking student community of Azerbaijan and other developing states.
Our core values are Quality Research & Analytical Reasoning, Ambition & Determination which guide the way we do our business and help students achieve superb results.

Our vision is to develop into a fully-fledged think tank, comprised of highly-trained students and international business experts with such services as:
(a) developing students’ business/economics research, analytical and professional writing, data mining and data analyses skills at our future physical location(s);
(b) online publication of our students’ best work on our corporate website, followed by a multichannel promotion;
(c) conducting expert in-depth analyses of current business trends and problems with the aim of educating our audience about causes and effects of corporate policies.

StudentNess DOES NOT, by any means, issue recommendations to any physical and/or legal entity NOR does it claim to be free of material error.
StudentNess DOES NOT charge any fees for its online publishing services NOR does it tolerate plagiarism. Submissions get published ONLY upon successfully passing an extensive plagiarism check.